Career Counseling

Nouveau provides you valuable advice, tailord to your needs, with personalized one-on-one consulting.

Nouveau's career counseling provides advantages to you as a job seeker in this recessionary market:

  • Gives you a Human Resource Professional's insight on how to interview effectively and professionally while displaying your capabilities to their fullest advantage when interviewing.
  • Offers you strategies for expanding your job search opportunities.
  • Helps you refine and polish your interviewing skills which decrease your anxiety level and allows you to handle interviews with confidence.
  • Gives you vital third party objectivity in assessing your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gives you specific, custom advice on how to dress and interview professionally.
  • Helps you navigate though difficult career changes, highlighting areas in which your existing skills may transfer.
  • Prepares you for the job you seek by showing you how to do background research on the companies with which you wish to interview.
  • Helps you adjust your interview style to mesh with your future employer's corporate culture.
  • Offers you advice on how to prepare a powerful, professional, action-oriented resume.
  • Helps you negotiate a salary package to your best advantage.
  • Provides you critical analysis about properly assessing how you can benefit you future employer.
  • Shows you how to project yourself in the best possible light, giving you an edge in this tight job market.
  • Helps you overcome your interview anxieties, which frees you up to project the genuine you.
  • Helps you develop customized strategies and tools to use throughout your interviews so that you stand-out professionally in the interview.
  • Helps you create action stories that encapsulate your strengths and credentials during the interview.
In a recessionary job market in which jobs are scarce, a job seeker needs to use all available tools to his or her advantage. Nouveau provides those tools.