Nouveau has worked with everyone from college graduates to upper level executives. We focus on the challenges each individual faces, and help you build the necessary skills to perform at a higher level. At Nouveau we help you:

  • Present a polished appearance through both appropriate attire, as well as in how you handle yourself so that you make a lasting, positive impression.
  • Prepare for initial corporate reactions by taking you through an intensive, one-on-one job interviewing process so that you feel comfortable with yourself and the interviewer.
  • Research future employers to supplement you during your interview stage. Understanding corporate philosophy is a must before the interview.
  • Refine your career goal, and brainstorm alternative options in this tight job market.
  • Prepare a resume that will be hand tailored to the job that you want. Present a polished, action-oriented, well thought out image.
  • Formulate, combine, and highlight your strengths to put forward in a resume and interview.
  • Specifically target and streamline your strengths for the exact job opening you desire.
  • Negotiate appropriate salary and compensation packages.
  • Stay focused by helping you navigate the corporate world and apply your skills to achieve success.